Jack Laurie Group Commercial Painter in Indianapolis, Indiana

Jack Laurie Group is currently hiring Commercial Painters in the Fort Wayne area.DUTIES Follows all specifications on work ordersApplies primer, paint, stain, varnish and other finishes to multi-surfaces such as, concrete, metal, glass, wood, vinyl, sheetrock and plaster with sprayers, rollers and brushesCleans and prepares surfaces to ensure paint and other finishes will adhere properlyFills holes, cracks, and joints with spackle, caulk and compoundsErects scaffolding and ladders to perform painting work above ground levelMixes latex and oil-based paints, tints primers and prepares epoxiesLoads and unloads equipment and supplies from work vehicleSpreads drop cloths to protect equipment and surrounding areasCleans paint applicators, equipment and work sites after paint jobs are completed QUALIFICATIONS Must be reliable. Must have dependable transportation. Must have a valid driver's license.Prefer 2+ years experience in the trade. Must have a proven track record of quality work.